Sutton Bridge Cinema

Sutton Bridge Cinema Opens at Curlew Center Thanks to Melvin Philpott’s Efforts

The Sutton Bridge Cinema opened its doors last Saturday night and visitors were invited to watch Sunshine on Leith. The cinema hall is equipped with a five-meter screen and an impressive surround sound system.

Mr. Melvin Philpott at the opening of the cinema said: “When I was approaching retirement, I decided to collect as many DVDs as possible with films of high rating – four or five stars.”

“When I retired, if I was not busy, I could watch a few films. But I didn’t have to watch them all.”

Mr. Melvin’s idea to open a rural cinema was born four or five years ago.

While the new cinema will show 1 film per month. The comedy-drama ”The Duke” is scheduled to be screened on October 15 this year.

“In a small village, something new like this is unlikely to succeed overnight. I think that it will be necessary to form an audience, people will have to recognize us.”

Mr. Philpott hopes to offer audiences a mix of genres and was ecstatic when the new Elvis movie came out last Friday.

“It took a lot to come together,” Mr. Philpott concluded.

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