Sutton Bridge Hotel

Sutton Bridge Hotel auctioned for £80,000

The «Bridge Hotel», falling into disrepair, gradually becomes the center of an anti-social lifestyle. The once-burnt hotel can now go under the hammer, with an East Anglia auction house agent listing a lot with an estimated value of between £80,000 and £100,000.

Before going to auction, the building went through the probate procedure, since its owner lived in Thailand.

District and District Councilor Jack Tyrrell is hopeful for the future of the derelict hotel: “I think for £80,000 it would be an absolute bargain. This is truly brilliant news. Although I don’t think anyone will take it as a hotel. The new owners can turn it into luxury apartments.”

The adviser added: “Some may say there is no market in Sutton Bridge for such deals, but you have to start somewhere. And as long as you keep saying that, it will never change.”

“Perhaps if the right people take the port into their own hands, the people working there will need somewhere to live and may be interested in apartments.”

The abandoned 21-bedroom hotel has been described as a “possible development site” subject to a building permit.

The online auction will take place live on October 26th.

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