Work on Spalding A16 roundabout to begin next year

Work on Spalding A16 roundabout to begin next year

The Springfields Roundabout and the Greensell Roundabout will improve traffic between Spalding and Boston. The modernization budget is £20 million. As a result of the improvement, both roundabouts, where congestion and traffic jams are currently formed, will be expanded with a two-lane approach.

The Springfields/McDonald’s roundabout connecting the A16 and the A151 tops the list, while the Greencell roundabout where the A16 meets the B1180 was improved a few months later.

In September of this year, the first stage of road renovation began: vegetation was cleared, the terrain was surveyed and the soil was surveyed.

A Highway Department spokesman stated, “The Springfield Roundabout improvements are expected to begin in the fall of 2023, and construction of the Greensell Roundabout improvements is expected to begin in the summer of 2024. Exact dates have not yet been set as we are still developing schemes.”

Other works included in the £20m Level Up Scheme include:

l A16/Station Road Interchange, Kirton: Fully signalized junction improvement and widening and lengthening of both A16 approaches.

l A151 Camel Gate Junction, Spalding: creation of a segregated dual carriageway on the east side of Camel Gate, signal crossing, widening of the existing public road at Holbeach Road and improved connection to Springfields.

Earl Richard Davis, a member of the Highways Executive Committee, said: “Once completed, our improvements to the A16 Highway Level Up Fund between Boston and Spaulding will benefit residents not only by improving pedestrian and bike paths and reducing traffic congestion, but also by opening up the area to further investment opportunities.”

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