The Nene Marine CIC are delighted to see that at last their project to provide a leisure marina in Sutton Bridge has been achieved after so many years.

The initial idea was formed to provide access to the River Nene to rescue porpoise and seals from the river and provide a platform for other rescue services because there was no emergency access near to the Wash.

The project was to be a Millennium project but unfortunately due to land ownership issues and obstacles put in the way by the County Council and District Ward members and the parish council the project has taken almost 16 years to come to fruition. Due to these issues we lost a grant of many thousands of pounds which was a huge loss but with the determination of all involved the project continued despite the setback.

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We are so pleased that at last the boat owners who registered with us and supported us over the years will now be able to moor their boats on the marina. The register of the 38 applicants and the waiting list of 7 which Lincolnshire County instructed Nene Marine to compile in January 2011 has been forwarded to Mr Paul Wheatley at Lincolnshire County Council and we are sure the list of applicants will be given priority to repay them for their patience and faith in the project and we suggest that they contact Lincolnshire County Council on 01522 550600.

Thanks must go to the District Council for holding off the continual requests by the Parish Council for the marina funding to be given to them for other purposes.

We are so pleased that at last the detractors of the project have now come on board and support the project and can now see the economic value the marina will have and will hopefully bring a new lease of life, boost the economy for the village and give it a much needed uplift.

The project has been an enormous and sometimes thankless task but it has been worth it.

We hope you all have great enjoyment of it.

Originally the marina was to have 1400 feet of mooring capacity, this has been initially reduced but with the hope of extending the facility further in the future.

Unfortunately one of our members Mr Bob Ford passed away before seeing the marina being built but his efforts need to be noted and it is sad that he is not here to see the marina in place.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us along the way and going forward, we wish the Cross Keys Marina project every success.

We will now hand over the project to the professionals in the knowledge that our detractors comments were unwarranted and we hope that everyone enjoys this new and exciting facility.

Nene Marine

After many problems regarding land ownership and other legal requirements resulting in lengthy delays, work has now commenced on the long awaited Sutton Bridge Marina.

Early in March 2016 the Lincolnshire County Council had completed all the necessary legal requirements and leases required for the construction to commence, including planning consent as well as marine and flood defence consents. Although the loss of some of the European funding has resulted in the original plans of the Marina being reduced in size it will still provide moorings of 60m for pleasure craft, another 50m for commercial vessels and a further 60m for the Pilot boats.

On the land side there will be a car park, utility services, 60m of town quay and a footpath.

It is anticipated that the construction will be completed before the end of the year and certainly in time for next year’s boating season.

We understand that some preliminary work laying cables has already begun.

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